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New Year, New Column

2011 is over and luckily so is my Match.com account. Although I “enjoyed” online dating or at least enjoyed that I survived, and I certainly learned quite a bit, I’m happy to announce I’m broadening my Gapers Block column to include general life funness in addition to my dating fun time. Check out my 2012 Chicago Bucket list!

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Funny woman making fun of funny “women” things

The feminist gods smiled upon me when they threw Sarah Haskin’s “Target Women” series in my path one boring Monday afternoon at work. Two hours and 8 youtube videos later, I’m officially a fan of this funny lady and her series “Target Women.” The short videos mostly make fun of advertising aimed at women, everything from birth control to botox. If you are not feeling particularly productive today, check out the series.

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My New Dating Column!

It’s official I’ve been online dating for over a month now and writing about it online. From forgetting your date’s name to how to say no thanks to the dude that tattooed his own legs, I’m putting it all out there in a series calling Chicago Dating 2.011. Check it out at www.gapersblock.com/ac/dating.

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