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Reminders from the Second Wave

Salon recently interviewed author Anne Roiphe about her journey as an artist. As a housewife in the 50’s Roiph channelled all her artistic energy into being a muse instead of being the artist.

Reading this article in combination with Friedan’s classic Feminine Mystique, has reminded me of the incredible privilege I have as a post-second wave feminist to realize my own dreams instead of merely supporting the artistic dreams of my husband. I think many young woman when thinking of the term feminist, forget why the term was created, they forget that a mere 50 years ago, women were restricted to the private world of the home.

This article is a great reminder to be thankful for all the struggle of second-wave feminists. Read the full article here.

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Radio: NPR tells her story from South Dakota to Africa

Having long ago decided that neither the Chicago Tribune nor the Sun Times are worthy of my 75 cents, I have become increasingly reliant on Chicago Public Radio and NPR to keep me informed of daily news  without a daily does of stabbings and shootings. What NPR does so brilliantly is balance the depressingly bad of the world with the beautifully good of everyday life and in general give news that is perfectly realistic.

NPR has succeeded again in presenting real life with it’s series “The Hidden World of Girls.” From Native American traditions in South Dakota to the first woman cheif of her African tribe, NPR shows a world of women more relatable than anything the RedEye could vomit out in black and white ink. Check out the growing archive of real women’s stories here: http://www.npr.org/series/125026905/hidden-world-of-girls

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