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What I want in a boyfriend: not so different from when I was 13

I recently discovered this list hidden in one of my drawers. It is what 13-year-old Niki wanted in a boyfriend.


With the exception of my complete flip-flop on facial hair (and of course now preferencing men over 15 year old boys), this list has stayed pretty consistent.

I want (in very particular order) a man who is

1. Open hearted/courageous/confident,

2. Funny (sarcasm never hurts),

3. Independent,

4. a good story teller,

5. with a keen interest in the female orgasm (preferably my own),

6. who is nice to his mommy,

7. and preferably has a full head of hear and cute hipster glasses

Good to know some things stay consistent in life even if perfect boyfriend has yet to appear.

*Note that the “kids” requirment is that he likes kids, not that he has them. This was more obvious at 13.


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