About the Blog

The Blog

The 3/2 Blog is about being a young feminist in Chicago.

The 3/2 blog is about what Chicago women do, who they are reading, what their passions are, who they are, who they want to be, what pisses them off about life, love, or Mayor Rahm and why they love to call this second city of America home.

The 3/2 blog is also discussion, occasionally an argument and in the end a negotiation about the female experience in Chicago.

The 3/2 blog is about the third wave of feminism in Chicago and in the world. The third wave is the push for more; a movement to go beyond de jure and de facto equality and obtain true balance not just in the U.S. and Europe but across the globe. It is an era of wanting it all for everyone: the high heels and the law degree, the lip stick and the hijab, the career and the kids, of wanting it all including the inherent contradictions that come with wanting everything. It is a movement that reaches beyond the restrictions of laws, nationality, religion or age to encompass equality for all women.

This blog is about the feminists and feminists who shun the word feminism. It is about the contradictions and choices of being a young woman in Chicago.

About the Feminist Blogger

This blogger has been labeled many nouns in her day including: tomboy, smart ass, struggling writer, under-employed college graduate, bitch, official paper pusher, kick-ass friend, stuck-up prude, promising journalist, cheap whore and lately and most vemenously feminist.

She has come to enjoy and relish the last noun and has decided to start this blog to dedicate to all the feminists and those who dare not be labeled feminists in Chicago.

Besides being a feminist, the Chicago chick is a graduate of UW-Madison where she double majored in Journalism/Mass Communications and International Studies. During her college stint, the feminist studied gender relations in Buenos Aires for six months. Since this life-changing adventure she has been interested in women’s issues. She is also a board member and Reproductive Rights Team Lead of the the Chicago Chapter of the National Organization for Women. She is also a freelance writer for Gapers Block writing about everything from a weekly column on online dating to music reviews to women’s issues.

As for her passions beyond feminist rants, the Chicagoan loves attempting animal-named yoga positions, cooking anything with the word spicy in the title and reading the New Yorker cover to cover. You can write to her directly at write2fritz@gmail.com.


4 responses to “About the Blog

  1. Tim

    I dig the blog!

  2. Hi Nikki-

    My name is Regina, and I play bass for Cee Lo Green. Was it you who wrote this?

    “Cee Lo sang decked out in spikes and leather to a packed crowd. But it was his band of female dominatrixes rocking the drums and guitars in short shorts and bustiers who rocked the crowd. Cee Lo Green and his ladies showed Chicago how to be sexy with empowered rocker women and a passionate man. They brought sexy to Lollapalooza this year.
    -Niki Fritz”

    If so, just wanted to send a big THANK YOU, and tell you how much I appreciate what you wrote. You have a new fan :->


    • Hi Regina! It was me who wrote the review and I’m going to throw the Thank You right back your way. You ladies rocked in an inpirational (and for the sweaty crowd persperation-al) way! Thanks for showing Chicago a good time and I can’t wait to see ya’ll again when you roll back through town.

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