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Lesson of the movie Bridesmaids: Girls like inappropriate vomit too

Seeing Bridesmaids yesterday was more than just the typical “out with the gals” kind of night. After weeks of reading the feminist call to arms, seeing Bridesmaids had become a brave act of political support of actresses; a bold rally behind the idea of well-rounded, relatable female characters; a plea, hope, and desperate cry for the the end of the gender funny gap in Hollywood. It was bigger than burning a bra in the 60’s.

It was also just a really damn funny movie.

As I crammed into the theater with the most ideal group do eight wonderful women and cracked open a smuggled mini-bottle of cab sav, I felt like a real feminist, a real classy feminist about to embark on a journey into my soul.

And then the movie started, the cab kicked in and I laughed, cried and sighed my not-so-feminist-but-more-humanistic sympathies for 2 hours. I forgot that I was there to make a statement and instead enjoyed the movie.

If this movie is ground-breaking or ceiling-crashing in some way, it just proves how much the ground sucked before or how unnecessary that ceiling is. Bridesmaids is not a feminist movie or even a movie for women; it is just a god damn funny movie.

From crazy British roommates to projective vomit, from failed business to moving back in with your mom, from bad fucks to bad luck, Bridesmaid is a good movie, a real movie, and a movie that should be repeated more often.

The movie isn’t a “guy movie” with a female lead. It is a funny realistic narrative of an imperfect woman who occasionally gives her friends food poisoning and then vomits. If this movie proves anything it is that women think projective vomit is funny too. And apparently men like it too. The opening weekend had a 35% male audience according to the LA Times.

And according to the newspaper this is a trend many hope to continue. “Female Filmmakers are hoping these movies, which center on flawed but empowered women behaving badly, will reverse a decade-old trend of reducing comedic roles for women to either the Type-A power suits too busy for love or girlfriends/wives determined to squash the boys’ fun.”

By god, let’s hope the LA Times is right with this one because I for one am ready to see a woman fart on the big screen.

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The RedEye’s advice to beer-bellied men: girdles and lipo

The title of today’s RedEye cover story is “get waisted;” a clever little pun on men cutting down on belly fat (get it… waisted/wasted). Their advice, in addition to the common sense diet knowledge of eat less and exercise more, was buy a girdle and consider liposuction. (read the story here)

I have to admit that for a minute while I was reading it, I thought, sweet, put that in your beer bong and suck it you beer-bellied men of Chicago. Time to end the Double Standard! Down with Machismo! Long Live Betty Friedan!

But then I realized this was really the opposite way we want the double standard to go. It is not that we want everyone held to the ripped, sweat drenched stereotype of bod man cologne commercials.   We want those ridiculous stereotypes removed for everyone, men and women alike. We want to start focusing on healthy bodies and not the anatomically incorrect, Ken and Barbie stereotypes were have been fed our whole lives.

And besides, skinny jeans already add a hurdle to the dressing and undressing of the fine young men ofChicago, I can’t imagine dealing with the extra burden of girdles.

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