Please Carol, Stop Talking!

Carol Moseley Braun at the candidates forum

Carol Moseley Braun: first African American women in the U.S. Sentate, first female senator in IL, U.S. ambassador to New Zealand, and now officially first-class word vomiter.

For those lucky Chicagoans who haven’t heard, Moseley Braun called one of her rivals a “crackhead” during a candidate forum. She then went on local news not to apologize but to back up her claim. Read the NPR summary here.

Although I’ve never been a huge Carol fan, after today I just feel embarrassed that this is the female candidate for Chicago Mayor. Sure politicians slip up and say the wrong thing but to repeat the mistake over and over shows a serious lack of judgement. At this point I think Carol would be doing herself a favor if she learned the phrase “no comment.”


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