The Dangers of Work Emails: When Funny = Chauvinism

Today my work email greeted me with a mass email from a mystery coworker about the joys of giving technology for Christmas. The email started with high-tech applications of the iPod, iPad, iBook and then wound up with this doozy of an image about what the husband got his wife for Christmas:

thank you random work guy who accidently sends me annoying mass emails

The husband got his wife an iRon. How clever random coworker who accidently included me on an inappropriate mass email!

Other than being a waste of my limited inbox space, the email is lame and a sad reminder of how reliant humor is on the gender stereotypes especially between husband and wife. It was also a depressing reminder of the limits of work place etiquette especially when it comes to email. Things people would never say in person somehow become acceptable when in html format.

Although this problem is easily fixed by a email to the sender with a link a NY Times article about women and technology, it still leaves a my inbox feeling wronged for ever harboring such lazy, machismo humor. So my question to everyone is: Am I just being a uptight feminist? or is this mass email really equal parts annoying and macho?



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