Increased Body Issues in Men does not equal a Merry-ever-after Christmas for all

It seems that the RedEye’s columnists are in the need of a little Christmas spirit. In today’s paper there was a lovely reminder of all that is lacking in this modern yuletide season: some compassion and a little bit of common sense.

Contributing editor Katie Donbavand wrote a scathing if not shallow response to the increased focus on male body image titled: “Guys, Welcome to our world.” In the commentary, Katie rejoices in the new found equality of both genders now having to acquire eating disorders to fit today’s rigourous body standards.

“It all seems to me like a little bit of payback. Yes, it’s a bitter pill to swallow but it’s one that we ladies have been coking down for decades,” Katie writes of the increase in male body image issues. And her proof for this sudden dramatic increase? A BBC report that found more men than woman are likely to touch up their facebook profile pictures.

Beyond the fact that this report is just silly, the fact is this is an issue that has been facing men for years. And in no way has the increase in male physical perfection decreased the impossible standards for women.

What Katie seems to have forgotten in this Christmas season is that society is not playing a win-lose game. If anything it is a lose-lose game. Men grow breasts from too many steroids and women lose bone density thanks to aneorexia.

Instead of sticking our tongues out at “the boys” for having to now deal with “our world,” let’s cut the boys and ourselves some slack this holiday season. Those impossible body standards are just that: impossible. We are not in Hollywood and honestly, no one who is worth writing about cares if don’t have a 6 pack or 34D breasts. So go ahead, eat another cookies and remember plastic surgery is getting cheaper every day.


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