According to Abstinence-Only Sex Ed, Losing Virginity = Drinking a Cup Full of Other People’s Spit

This “lesson” straight a suffer, a mean student, of Abstinence-Only Sex Ed is disgusting, illogical and just weird. It shows why time and time again Abstinence-Only Sex Ed has been proven to not work. This video, created by Advocates for Youth, may be a little low-tech and the animated bears may be a bit too cute for the real message, but it drives home why abstinence-only education doesn’t work and why our state and federal tax dollars should stop funding it.

The truth is the reality of sex is scary enough; there is no need to compare losing one’s virginity to drinking spit or eating used candy. Show a roomful of teenagers the MTV series 16 and pregnant or a series of pictures about the

progression of an STI and you will have more teenagers willing to wait or be safe than if you try to compare their sexual organs to wilted roses.


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Filed under Feminist Rant, The Politics

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