Her Story: Feminism and Teenage sexual rebellion in 1975

In 1975, Meg Wolitzer’s boyfriend wanted to go to third. Meg, as a feminist, revolutionist and most importantly as a teenager, thought this would be a the perfect act of pro-woman rebellion. She thought that until her 14 year old boyfriend crept down the stairs to committ their act of societal rebellion. With the creak of the steps, Meg knew she did not want to go to third which in 1975 is what Meg describes as a boy using a girl’s vagina as a puppet. In the end she did not go to third with her boyfriend, they broke up and Meg became an author, wife, mother and all star home run hitter.

(Listen to Meg’s story here: http://castroller.com/podcasts/TheMothPodcast/1782453-Meg%20Wolitzer%20First%20Love,%20Long%20Island%20circa%201975)

Meg told this story on the Moth,  a brilliant podcast of stories from authors, artists and other random folks all over the country. Although many of the Moth’s podcasts are delightful, inspiring and reflective, Meg’s is one of the best I have heard that so honestly reveals the workings of a young girl’s sexual mind, something that hasn’t changed much since 1975 although the bases may have changed drastically.

Teenagers desire to rebel against whatever is the social norm. As the social norm goes from “necking” to boob grabbing to oral sex, so does teenagers’ extremes. But an increase in the sexual ante, doesn’t mean all 8th graders giving blow jobs at the sock hops. As Meg’s story showed, teenagers will want to rebel but it they are instilled with enough self confidence, their desire to be true to themselves will overcome their desire to go to third.


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