TV: Santana or Rachel? The Madonnas and Whores of Glee.

Glee I’m disappointed in you and your Madonna/whore complex.

I’ve never been ashamed to admit I love Glee. The mash-ups, the over-the-top costumes, the high school clichés, what is not to love about this musical dramarama as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

Except lately Glee has been serious, dealing with issues ranging from teenage pregnancy to homophobia to racial stereotypes and dealing with them well. Nothing seems to be off limits for the troupe of teenage stereotypes, nothing except an honest conversation about sex.

Every episode there seems to be this dynamic of “normal” teenage boys looking to have sex and “good” teenage girls refusing them or “dirty” teenage whores indulging them. In this week’s episode Santana aptly said “This wouldn’t happen if you all put out more,” playing the vixen so well while seeming to blame the virgins for the trouble the boys found themselves in the episode.

Besides the obvious Madonna/whore cliché that Glee is playing into, it is obvious that Glee leaves the discourse at this shallow level. No one dives more into why the “whores” have sex with any man who tells them they are not fat or dines and ditches at Breadsticks. No one explains why some of the “good girls” are waiting to have sex.

Either Brittany or Santana have had sex with almost every single male character, while Rachel, Tina and Mercedes have yet to even touch a penis in two years. I realize it is a TV show and stereotypes are easier to adapt current pop songs to but really, it is high school, at least throw in some dry humping.

For most teens, high school can be a healthy time for experimenting with sex. By only showing the saints and the sinners, Glee is enforcing the very sad misconception that the only options for sex are abstinence or vaginal sex.

Maybe oral sex is still too taboo for Fox but if you can have the Rocky Horror transvestite on Glee you should be able to talk about some fellatio or at least dry humping or mutual masturbation.

I know Glee is just a T.V. show but unfortunately it is where a lot of teenagers are getting their sex ed (well that and 16 and pregnant). If we keep forcing the Madonna/whore stereotypes on teenages (especially the young ladies) we are going to get just what we shove on them: a bunch of whores pretending to be virgins, none of whom will have an orgasm until they are 45.

Glee may not be courageous enough to do it but eventually someone out there has to start talking to teenagers about the reality of sex and all the nitty gritty dry humping that goes along with it.

(Sidenote: Thank you Glee for an honest look at homophobia in High School. With all the recent bullying in the news, it is amazing to have a mainstream show deal with this issue with such honesty.)

To watch the “Never Been Kissed” episode check out hulu:


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