TV: Walk of Shame or Stride of Pride? on this week’s “How I Met Your Mother”

CBS’s one redeeming show “How I met your mother” is like “Friends” but funnier and with more sexual references. Already its sixth season with still no sign of an ending to Ted’s “how I met your mother” story, I look forward every week to a half hour reprieve of good-ole fashion sitcom comedy, a welcomed reprieve from the vampire tragedies, crime dramas or dirty reality TV shows.

Plus occasionally it makes you think. Like last week’s episode featuring the famous New York style “Walk of Shame.” In the episode, Ted and Barney sat on their unrealistically clean NY stoop and watched a parade a disheveled women walk by. They named the parade the “walk of shame” and although I appreciate the sense of tradition that the walk of shame has I can’t help but think it is time for an upgrade in terminology.

Let old-fashioned New York stick with their outdated “walk of shame” but I suggest Chicago, often called the city of sexual liberation, adopt the more 2011-phrase, “stride of pride.” After all, after walking home after a good roll in the proverbial (and often beer-drenched) hay, I think the expected emotion would be satisfaction mixed with a bit of exhaustion and craving for a Bloody Mary and Eggs Benedict not a sense of shame.

This is not the 1960s and TV couples long ago pushed the twin beds together. Yet somewhere between the double bed and the one-night stand on TV, we lost the inhibition against non-marital sexual relations but not the centuries old guilt. The walk of shame seems to imply that people are welcomed to sex each other up as much as physically possible as long as they feel bad about it the next day.

Ladies and gentleman, the days of guilt-filled sex are numbered and the walk of shame is so 2010. As a new year and a new decade rolls in let us all stride home with pride after our sexually-satisfying nights. Whether a steamy one-night stand or monogamously sexy nightly event, the “stride of pride” is the new trend of 2011.

As for the writers of “How I met your Mother,” I know the walk of shame has deep comedic roots in the sitcom world, but think of the potential hilarity of the stride of pride, with missing socks, bed-matted hair and a easily identifiable smile of satisfaction. It is time for a  sexy comedy revolution!


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