Music: Pink no Lady Gaga, just an old-school Freaky Feminist

At first when I heard Pink sing/scream “Dirty little freaks, won’t you come and raise your glass,” I thought “Woah Pink is trying to be Lady Gaga minus the meat dresses and 13 ft heels.” I was a little disappointed in my screamer sister who I always held as an “original” since the Save the Last Dance days when she sported a pink mohawk when blond was the staple for female singers.  But before we judge Pink’s latest fist-pumping soon-to-be-classic song as just another Lady Gaga knock off, let’s remember that Pink was hoisting the freak flag long before Gaga studded her training bras.

Pink has always been about pushing the boundaries of a being a freaky feminist while still being a success and she has treaded that line boldly. Her latest video starts with Pink as Rosy the Riviter, the classic feminist symbol of strength; throughout the video she morphs into a skater, a geek, a “gangsta,” and, what I hope is a spoof on the latest gaga-inspired video trend of just weird images, a masked woman feeding a cow milk. She seems to be saying, as feminists before her said, and feminists after will continue to yell, sing and proclaim, “I am all these things. So raise your effiin’ glass.”

To that I say cheers and let’s save the Lady Gaga clone references for those her deserve the label, a.k.a. Ke$ha (a money sign, really?).


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