From Jezebel: 5 Things Every Girl Should Do Alone (plus a few more I threw in there)

According to an article on ( there are 5 things every girl (single or otherwise engaged) should do alone at some point in her life. I’ve created my own list of 5 things every Chicago girl should do alone!

5 Things a Girl Should Do Alone in Her Life

1. Eat Out Alone: Whether is is sashimi or a philly steak sandwich, a girl has got to eat. So why not treat yourself to a meal free from any one else’s picky eating habits. Bring a book, the New Yorker, or just your own marvelous company.

2. Go to the Movies: Without having to worry what your friend’s will think of your NEED to see the Twilight saga, go to the movies, sit where you want, eat that giant bucket of popcorn by yourself and enjoy!

3. See a Rock Show: Maybe your friends don’t have an appreciation for hard-core Christian Rock like you do, maybe no one else wants to see the reunion tour of Ace of Base (a girl can dream), either way go rock out by yourself and know no one is judging your sweet Jersey Shore dance moves.

4. Travel: Morocco or Miami? Toronto or Trinidad? London or Lithuania? Wherever you go, traveling alone means never having to say “Sorry I just threw up on your lap,” or “Sorry but I just can’t see one more Roman Catholic Church from the 17th century no matter what saint got his head chopped off there.”

As long as you are stocked with sugary treats and "Gone with the Wind" on audio, road trippin' it by yourself is the perfect get-away

5. Take a Road Trip: Armed with a passenger seat full of junk food and your very own personalized mixed cd, road tripping it by yourself can be enlightening, rewarding and occasionally constipating (go easy on the Doritos and throw in an apple every 100 miles).

Five more Things Every Chicago Woman Should do Alone

1. Visit the Art Institute on free Thursday nights. One never does really know what to say to a friend at the Art Institute besides “Boy that van Gogh sure knew his shit.” Take out the need for clever, artsy observations and you’ve got yourself a night full of art and free of pretension. Check out the AI newest exhibits on their website:

2. Take in a comedy show. This is Chicago; home of second city, SNL legends and more free comedy than should be legally allowable. A single gal can mix right into the comedy crowd in Chicago; just get yourself a PBR and a corner table and let yourself be entertained. Here are just a few of the comedy venues throughout the city:
Second City:
Lincoln Lodge:
IO Theater:
Every Tuesday Beat Kitchen has an underground comedy show:
Lake Shore Theater:

3. Take Guitar Lessons… or pottery classes, or learn to sketch or learn to make jewelry; just take a class by yourself in Chicago. Walking into class not even knowing how to hold a guitar is an surprisingly exciting feeling. Embrace all that you don’t know and try something totally different. Below are a few recommendations but let your spirit animal guide you to your creative outlet.
Music lessons: Old Towne School of Music
Art: Lill Street Art Center

Learning G can make your hand cramp, but taking a class by yourself unleashes all that creative power you thought you lost in 2nd grade art class

4. Go to a bar…yes alone. Go check out that corner pub you have always wanted to go to but isn’t your usual “scene.” Get a beer, a martini, a wine spritzer and chill out.
Personal favorite sitting alone bar: Towne Hall Pub in Boytown

5. Try a stranger’s “mingler.” This one could also be interpreted as “don’t go on” single ladies. The principle behind the mingler is no one knows each other and every one wants to get to know a stranger. Through food, a few ice breakers and probably some wine, strangers in Chicago become friends, business partners and, yes, dates. One chicago enterpenuer has set up her own mingler site: There are also more official networking versions of the mingler through YNPN:

The message of the story ladies is this, you should really be able to do anything you want to do alone. This world if filled with an infinite amount of gloriously single-appropriate opportunities; don’t miss out just because you didn’t have the right date for the occasion!


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  1. Scott

    I like Town Hall a lot too. It’s a good place to go on a week night.

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