Small Stature, Tremendous Talent: Company of Thieves’ Front Woman Steals the Show

For almost two years, the Chicago-native band “Company of Thieves” has been hawking their debut album “Ordinary Riches” in every city and venue that would put up a stage in the corner; and at every city and venue all 5-feet-nothing of lead singer Genevieve Schatz steals the stage with her free-flowing vocals that vibrate with all the emotion of the lyrics matched with her seemingly seamless improvised stage performance.

Despite having to nurse her cold-scratched throat with tea before going on stage, Schatz delivered a full-bodied performance at last night’s St. Patty’s Day performance at Mystic Celt. Schatz whirled and jived to each song, while guitarist Marc Walloch danced with his guitar along side. Even keyboarder, Mike Miamone, infused the band with energy, standing on top of his chair for the band’s claim to fame song “Oscar Wilde,” inciting cheers from a Miller lited up crowd.

Genevieve Schatz's vocals rock the Celt

Although the band only had a chance to play four of their songs, they plugged one new song “Queen of Hearts” from their yet-to-be-released album. With Schatz’s distinctively raw yet hushed vocals backed up with strong chords, the sample of the new album promises to bring Chicago even more reason to be proud of this native band and their powerhouse front woman.

If you missed last night’s performance make sure to check out the band at Lincoln Hall tonight at 7 p.m.

To learn more about the band see their site at

Matisyahu, who also performed at the Mystic Celt on St. Patty's Day, beatboxes and harmonizes in the same breath


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